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The unique approach of introducing children via entertaining educational fairytales to the world of Nature's Gifts - Healthy Food - is found to be the most successful, easiest and proven to be very effective by parents from all over the world. Now this project has stepped ahead - its heroes came alive online: vegetables are represented as animated funny creatures who can talk, smile, read poetry and win the hearts of young readers. Read 'How our amusing vegetables teach kids to ...' >>
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Since 1999  books on Fruits and Vegetables for kids with Healthy Recipes  were published and distributed in USA, UK, RSA, Russia, Holland and India. The well-deserved popularity of this unique approach to healthy diet is growing ...

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Vegetables for kids is 2nd part of Educational Project on Healthy Food for children. To meet fruits from entertaining tales, to learn secrets of healthy benefits of fruits and berries - visit main website Fruits for Kids
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Garlic Caviar

- garlic (1 head)
- 1 glass crushed walnuts
- 1 slice white bread
- 2 Tbsp chopped parsley and dill
- 3 Tbsp vegetable oil
- lemon juice and salt to taste

Crush the garlic with the salt and walnuts and form into a solid lump . Remove the crusts from the bread, soak it in water and drain . Carefully knead the lump, gradually adding the herbs and oil as you go along. When the lump has thickened, pour over the lemon juice and stir it all together again. Serve with fish, meat or in sandwiches.

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Doctor Garlic : Story for kids on garlic | Connais-tu l'ail


‘Onion brothers, why did you go out without me?' panted a little voice, and Toby caught sight of a boy in a white overall with a tuft of narrow, bristly leaves on the top of his head . He was holding a basket full of what looked like little white pearls. Toby immediately realised this was brother Garlic because of the smell.

‘We couldn't find you, brother Garlic. Where did you disappear to?' the Onions asked.

‘I had lots of things to do. First of all, I helped a girl who had the flu. I crept into her room and put a few white cloves of garlic on her pillow. The girl felt better, but when she saw the garlic she said sadly:

“I don't want to eat that garlic, it's too strong and bitter.”

“You don't need to eat the garlic,” I comforted the girl. “My phytoncides have already sorted out the microbes in the air, and your illness has gone away. Although it's a shame that you won't even eat even one clove of garlic. If my miraculous soldiers and vitamins got inside you, they would cleanse your stomach, liver, lungs and blood vessels of harmful microbes.”

“Granny tried to persuade me to eat garlic, but you're too bitter,” the girl confessed.

“Ask your mum to make you porridge with garlic, grated apples and honey. This medicine won't be bitter . Eat at least one spoonful a day and it will protect you from colds,” I advised her.

“My granny planted garlic in a pot with the house plants,' the girl said. ‘She probably wanted to help the plants get rid of microbes.”

“Of course, we can help plants just as much as people. That's why we are often planted among potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and strawberries.”

rThen I set off to another town to see a poor woman. Doctors had found a tumour in her stomach, and prescribed her some medicine. But the poor woman didn't have enough money to buy expensive medicines. So I told her that garlic contains selenium, germanium and zinc which can fight against tumours, and I started to make her better. Now she's well on the way to recovery.

Then I visited a children's hospital and banished dysentery, which is a type of severe diarrhoea. Next I helped an old man get his health back after a heart attack, and afterwards I went to the beauty parlour and helped get rid of dozens of corns and veruccas . On the whole, I had a lot to do,' Garlic concluded.

‘I would never have thought garlic could do so many things!' Toby said in surprise. ‘Why do people not use you that much?'

‘I wouldn't say ‘not that much': people have used me since ancient times. I helped the great Pharaoh Khufu save lives while the pyramids were being built, and I helped Tsar Solomon cure people with epilepsy. I taught Hippocrates to use anaesthetics and disinfect wounds. I have always helped both the richest Tsars and the poorest beggars.'

‘But what can people who can't eat you do? For example, my mum gets a sore tummy ..."


Children book World of Vegetables... This was the fragment from children's story on garlic 'The Garlic Healer'. The complete story 'The Garlic Healer' with creative tasks and healthy recipes you will find in the book 'WORLD OF VEGETABLES'.

IN "THE WORLD OF VEGETABLES" each story for kids on healthy food is delivered in an entertaining fairytale representational form and narrates about a particular vegetable, its importance in daily diet, its values. Each story for kids about vegetables concludes with healthy recipies. More about this book for kids >>


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