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The unique approach of introducing children via entertaining educational fairytales to the world of Nature's Gifts - Fruits and Vegetables - Healthy Food - is found to be the most successful, easiest and proven to be very effective by parents from all over the world. Now this project has stepped ahead - its heroes came alive online: vegetables are represented as animated funny creatures who can talk, smile, read poetry and win the hearts of young readers. Read 'How our amusing vegetables teach kids to ...' >>
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Educational Project on Healthy Food for kids: Books on Fruits, Berries, Tea, Honey, Chocolate, Cereals, Herbs & Vegetables with healthy recipes

Since 1999  books on Fruits and Vegetables for kids with Healthy Recipes  were published and distributed in USA, UK, RSA, Russia, Holland and India. The well-deserved popularity of this unique approach to healthy diet is growing ...

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Pea soup with cheese

- 1 glass of tinned green peas
- cheese
- 2 potatoes
- 2 carrots
- 200g cabbage or cauliflower
- 2 tablespoons rice
- bay leaf, parsley

Boil 2 litres of water in a saucepan, cut the cheese into small cubes and put it in the water. Stir until the cheese has completely dissolved into the water, add the rice and turn down the heat. After 15 minutes, add the green peas and finely chopped vegetables to the soup. Add the bay leaf, salt ad pepper to taste. Sprinkle over the finely chopped parsley before serving.

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Story on peas for kids

A husband and wife grew peas in a field their whole lives. They looked after them as though they were their own children, putting sticks underneath the tendrils which grew from their leaves, watering them with river water, and singing them songs. The peas grew to be huge and wonderfully sweet. Eventually the husband and wife became old and could not work anymore. They had one pea pod left. The woman opened it up and discovered there was only one pea in it, which fell out onto the floor.

‘We have no money, and no children who can feed us,' the old woman said, starting to cry.

Funny peas: vegetables illustrations

‘Don't cry, I'll be your son and I'll make you rich,' the little pea cried loudly, and he rolled out the door and set off into town towards a huge sea port. When he got there, he crawled into a sack full of peas and found himself on a ship. The ship set off in search of gold. It sailed for a long time, and the sailors became ill with scurvy because they weren't getting enough vitamins. Scurvy is a serious illness which causes people's teeth to loosen, makes them weak and eventually kills them. The captain didn't know what to do; the only thing which could save the sailors was fresh vegetables, but they just had dried bread, dried peas and tinned food on the ship. Suddenly the little pea rolled up to the captain and said:

‘What will you give me if I save people from scurvy?'

The captain was amazed that the little pea could talk, but he replied:

‘I'll give you half of our gold if you can help us.'

The little pea told him to soak the peas in big bowls, and when little green shoots appeared, to eat them with the shoots on. The sailors ate the pea shoots and their terrible illness went away.

The poor old couple were absolutely amazed when a wagon loaded with bags of gold rolled up, and the little pea cried:

‘Take these riches, parents.'

The old man and woman bought a huge, comfortable house. They were always warm enough and had enough to eat, and they kept the little pea on a golden dish.

The little pea had nothing to do and became bored, so one day he announced:

‘I'm going to find myself a wife.'

So the little pea rolled out the door and into the big city, and ended up at the castle belonging to the Tsar himself. He rolled into the princess' room and hid in the corner.

That evening, the princess came in and said to herself:

‘I'll never get married. Father asks all the eligible bachelors three questions, but no on can answer them correctly.'

The little pea rolled out of the corner and said:

‘Don't be sad, princess. When your father is asking a bachelor questions, hide me in your hand and I'll try to help him.'

Soon an eligible bachelor came to see the princess. The Tsar introduced him to his daughter and then asked:

‘If there was a poor harvest, what would you give people to eat?'

The bachelor thought for moment, not knowing what to say. Suddenly, the pea answered for him:

‘There's a lot of empty land in your country. I would plant peas there. If the wheat and the corn don't grow, you can add pea flour to bread, which will make it very tasty. And pea porridge feeds people just as well as any other kind.'

Overjoyed to hear such a sensible answer, the Tsar asked a second question:

‘An enemy fleet is about to attack your ship, and you have no soldiers to protect it. What do you do?'

Once again, the little pea answered on the man's behalf:

‘I would send a servant to the enemy ship with some presents, and I would place bags of peas in among the presents. I would get the servants to secretly pour water into the bags as they placed them in the hold of the ship. The peas would swell up and cause damage to the ship.'

‘Goodness me, aren't you clever,' the Tsar said in amazement, and he asked his final question.

‘What qualities should a good Tsar have?'

‘A Tsar should be compassionate and fair towards his people,' the pea replied.

‘I would like to kiss you, fine fellow,' the Tsar exclaimed, and he leapt out of his chair and kissed the young man, who blushed with pride. ‘You should kiss him too, daughter!'

‘Father, I would rather ..."


Children book World of Vegetables... This was the fragment from children's story about PEAS. The complete story on peas and other vegetables with creative tasks and healthy recipes you will find in the book 'WORLD OF VEGETABLES'.

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